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Friday, November 4, 2011

a visit.

kaden and kaycee had the day off school today.
was wondering what we could do that was fun.
debated. debated. debated.

i have one friend whose grandma just died. :(
i have a cousin who lives in colorado who just came in for a visit,
and probably has more pictures with my grandparents and
her baby, in her couple day stay, than i do with mine,
over a lifetime...and i am the one who lives c.l.o.s.e.
(that made me feel kinda bad)

we went to visit grandma shank.
(my mom's mom)
she lives at fairmount homes now, and
has moved recently into the dementia unit.
that is a hard thing to watch.
when it's someone you love.
hard. hard. harder to understand why?

we had fun.
i am beginning to get the picture...that i look like a circus.
me and my 5 kids. :)
i live in this dream-world.
that because my kids are ~fairly~ well behaved,
that we look like an ordinary family when we go places.

but the more pictures that i look at,
the more i realize, that ~my~ normal, is
anything BUT other's normal. :)

grandma was actually having a very good day.
the last time i visited, it was very clear that she did not know who i was.
she has ~always~ loved my husband, and the fact that we are farmers,
and didn't remember we lived on a farm last time...
but today, she got a funny look of recognition on her face.
we spoke of family. potty training. farming.
steers and chickens.
(my grandparents raised steers, pigs, and chickens on their farm...
my grandmother worked very, very hard...)

we visited for awhile.
walked the kids around...those people
to have children visitors...
especially a smiley, quiet baby like karolina. :)

then i asked my mom if she would like to take me to cosco. :)

she obliged, and my dad even came too.
sure they are glad they don't have to grocery shop with me everyday. :)

we had fun.
thanks for a great day.
wonder when their next day off school is. ;) 

and for anyone who cares...
i did not get my bathrooms cleaned yesterday, OR
my laundry folded. :)
looks like that won't happen again today either.  :(

maybe i can put it off a few more days,
so we can fit in a visit with my other grandparents. :)


Anonymous said...

You're funny. :) Happy for you that you were able to take some family photos w/ Grandma Shank. They're beautiful!

And of course I take lots of photos while visiting because I don't get to see Grandma and Pappy often, so I think about those things. As Allie and I were leaving, Grandma and Pappy wondered what she would be doing by the next time she sees them - like probably walking. Makes me sad that they don't get to see the in between stages. So you enjoy those opportunities, and I'll take more photos. :)

Love to you and yours!

Jen said...

My normal and your normal are pretty much the same normal! :-) Other people just don't know what they are missing out on with 5 precious gifts from the Lord!

Anonymous said...

that's great miss. and i understand trying to figure out when to visit, etc. we declared fridays to be "fun fridays" with homeschooling and visit those we don't usually see......your mom being one of THAT'S pathetic! we haven't gotten very far. one visit to grandma and pappy and one to your mom. your dad actually visited up here.....can i count that:)
so glad grandma recognized you all.....that time is so sweet. my kids can't wait to go to "the hotel" that grandma and pappy live in again....and get more klondic bars:) love you lady!