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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

campbell's merry christmas program.

just a couple pics from campbell's preschool christmas program. it's always a hoot to watch the little sing...

here's the little peanut with her daddy. i am glad matt has a camera phone, as i do not.
because guess what? i forgot my camera. again. hmmmmm.

okay. the other picture will post later.
i was interrupted this morning during this post.
i was blogging, and doing Christmas cards, as my pics were loading,
and discovered campbell and calli were hiding "eggs".

and coloring them too.
my fresh eggs. not hard boiled.

now i am updating quickly because i was just upstairs tucking campbell in for her nap,
and read her a story as calli sat at the kitchen table to finish her sandwich from lunch.

i came down to find little pieces of bread all over the stationary jumper karolina was in,
and karolina smacking her lips together.

with calli holding up her sandwich to me saying...
"i shared with karolina."
can my day get ANY better?   :)

my head is pounding. i know it's because i am tired.
would LOVE a nap.
but i guess i will go for a run. :(
(do you know i hate running.
i should have had a lot stronger willpower with food when i was pregnant.
i do this every-time.

however, i am in love with the new jumper karolina is getting for christmas.
she is the only one who got her presents early.
found it for $15 second-hand of course,
but it totally rocks, and she loves it. yay...
okay. off to run, and then a nap?
yeah. right. :)


Megan said...

When did you start running??? So proud of you!! Its hard for me to find the right time with half the kids you have ;) I am always so impressed when moms with young babies make time for themselves. Im of the opinion that it's best for everyone when mom gets a little time to herself :) Im off for a run now too, as soon as I can get my niece down for a nap. Can't wait to run with you sometme :)

Shelby said...

OK girl, running. I wish I could start running. I have a treadmill, but just no time. Are you running indoor or outside? I really need to start watching what I eat. I love the jumper, Joshua has the same one:) Love your Christmas pictures, girl you have been busy.

Love ya, Shelby

Missy. said...

okay girls. don't be too impressed. it is RARE that i get to run. it is kind of a miracle around here if i get everyone napping at the SAME time, so that i can go. no treadmill, so i have been running outside. i am beat after 1 mile, but have gone 2 thus first run was about a month ago, is VERY random...i am LUCKY if i go twice a week. i agree megan, we are better mommies when we don't lose ourselves in serving our families ALL the time, but it is almost impossible to find the time these days...and yes, shelby, i have been busy, but who isn't these days, right? :) mis.