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Monday, December 19, 2011

the hustle and bustle...

of the season has hit our home.
which is not a bad thing.
i Christmas.
the decorating. the coziness of our home.
(if you can look past the dust...i for one CAN, but i know some people can't...)
family gatherings.

shopping on the computer, so i don't have to go out and get cranky with people who butt in line.
ha. :)

we had our first Christmas dinner on Saturday.

 i think karolina had enough, what do ya think? :)
and i cropped everyone else out on the below pic because they had their eyes closed...
she got a second wind. :)

where matt was occupying the children playing dodge ball,
and unfortunately landed on his foot wrong, hurting his knee.

it is looking like he might have torn his ACL or MCL, he kind of has symptoms of both, :(
but it's too swollen to get an MRI just yet.
he is living on ibepruefen pretty constantly, and not sleeping real well.

the complication to the story is that he flew out this morning for michigan
to pick up a truck he purchased, and needs to drive 15 hours home.
it is his left knee, so he is able to drive, just not comfortably.
so...if you think about him today, please pray for him...


me on the otherhand, i am busy cleaning and doing laundry
and wrapping presents and planning our menu for Christmas Day.
i love when we can stay here and not run around on Christmas.

all of Agnes' great grandchildren...
we watched some old home movies and played some fun games.
then we headed home to elevate matt's leg. :)

oh and i forgot to post this picture earlier.

my floor looked like this for maybe a week???
i really was crafting some of each day of that week, but that really is no excuse.

then throw in the horsee's, trucks, teething rings, and blankee's and ya have a little bit of everything.

i know some of my friends come away from blogs feeling depressed and like they cannot ever
achieve what blogs typically show...
so i want you all to know, you should never leave mine feeling that way...
because behind every fun thing i have done to decorate there is a mess like this left behind..or a meal
gone uncooked/served, TONS of laundry un-folded, getting wrinkly, which puts me more
behind, because now i have to iron it...the list goes on and on...

maybe this will inspire you?
ha.ha.ha. :)


Angie Myer said...

Hey Mis! Cute pictures!! Sorry to hear about Matt's leg :( I'll pray for him. Merry Christmas!

Shelby said...

Will be praying for Matt's knee. What a bummer. I am up wrapping, not sure why I dread that task so much:( Really wish I enjoyed it. Love, love, love your Christmas card. So darn cute. Anyway have a very Merry Christmas!

Maybe I will fit baking some cookies in this year, not sure:(

Ang Stoltzfus said...

o my word matt! what in the world!?? i'm starting to wonder if he is accident prone? & now he is on a road trip??? craziness!
miss you!