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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Make It Your Mission…

one of the things i love about nursing a baby is the quiet it ~forces~ me to have.
not just during the middle of the night feedings,
but during the day, when i have things to do and places to go,
and i have to ~stop~ and feed her when ~she~ is hungry,
which doesn't always coincide with convenience in my schedule.

it makes me stop.
be still.
it helps me to pray over my babies.
speak blessing into their lives.

i have been thinking over 2011.
what did i like. what did i not. what surprises did we have.

part of that thinking was because my sister-in-law's mom died last week...
after fighting a 2 year battle with cancer.
sitting in her funeral service watching and listening to her children and grandchildren
speak of the awesome mom they had,
with tears streaming down my face no doubt...
but that service has caused me to stop and ponder a little more this week.

what will my children say about me someday?
what will my children say about me tomorrow?
and not even just my children, my friends, my family...what will they remember?

i came across this blog post this morning
and it ~resonated~ with me.
her words are perfectly written.
they drove the point home.

if you are looking for some inspiration for the new year as a mom,
check it out...

and now onto some pictures of our Christmas vacation so far...
we had fun times with family.
we spent an  hour on Christmas morning at church...
i was maybe a little appalled, or surprised at how many churches did not hold services...
isn't Jesus why we celebrate in the first place?
and now we are too busy and tired to go to church on Christmas...really?
i know it makes for a busy day, but seriously??
i was kind of saddened and shocked by that.


 i am *thrilled* to let you know matt got me a nice camera for an early birthday present.
i it.
so much to learn. so little time.
it was fun playing with it at my family Christmas dinner.
mainly because all of my siblings have really nice cameras, so they could
*advise* me a teeny bit. :)


so, the pictures above these words were taken on Christmas Eve with my old camera,
and the pictures taken below these words,
were taken with my new camera.

 karolina grace~ 5 months.

my nephew~ silas mark.

 my son~ kaden rockwell. :)

 karolina. again.

my mom. deborah arlene.

 cousins: campbell meg with reese deborah with her sister: piper...

 my neice: piper erin...she loves to stick her tongue out. :)

 kaycee agnes with cousin piper.

and sleepy, sleepy karolina...

so you can see i had so much fun,
playing with all kinds of settings and modes, and oh my.
we'll see if we can figure something out.
if nothing else i will try to stop chopping heads off. :)

off to fold some laundry.
happy thursday.


Shelby said...

I am so sorry about Naomi's mom, I haven't been on her blog in a while, but I knew her mom was sick. I was just thinking before your post about how short our time on earth really is and how glorious it will be in Heaven with the Lord one day forever.

I read the post from the blog and it is so true I really needed to hear that, raising children is hard work and I want to see fruit out of my children and I want them to embrace and really love the Lord with all of their heart. So convicting some days I fail at that because other things like cleaning, laundry and really the list goes on comes in the way. Such a balancing act. Thanks for post:)

Love, love the pictures girl and the new camera takes fabulous pictures.

Anyway, I am off to switch out laundry and do some folding myself.


Jen said...

Hey Miss! Great pictures. What type of camera did you get? Mine is dying, so am looking for advice on a good one -- hopefully reasonably priced. Hope you have a great year 2012! ~Jen