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Friday, December 9, 2011

a sneak peak...

this is ONE of my most favorite pictures we DID NOT use on our Christmas card. it of karolina, and kaycee is just hysterical.

i look at my family. and i smile.
i take it in. we are not promised tomorrow.
i am so thankful for today.

so much tragedy in our neighborhood right now.
4 young kids in our school left to celebrate Christmas without their dad.
he was killed in a motorcycle accident sunday.
another local family grieving the tragic loss of 3 of their 10 children  in a car accident...
i don't want to think about what could be around the corner, ya know?
but chose to stay blessed in this moment...
and pray for those who are saddened by the grief and loss that overwhelms them right now.

thanks scott, ang, addalie and jyla for making our pics a reality this year.
we appreciate each of you!

you should not expect to get our actual christmas card in the mail until the week of 12/18...
but it is so much fun running to the mailbox to see whose cards you get, eigh? :) 

~think~ i am done decorating, but still have a pile of things to make in my spare time. :)
winks and smiles.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Mis!

Merry Christmas!


Shelby said...

Oh my word girl, that picture is to stinkin cute:) Love Karolina's little boots and all the cute hair bows. You guys are very photogenic;)

Love ya, Shelby

Ang Stoltzfus said...

i had to think as i was working on the pics how wonderful your family is! we LOVE you & had fun being w/you on Sunday. (btw...there were some that i deleted that were complete crack-ups...cause scott was making everyone WAY "over-smile" if you remember what i'm talking about ;))

ps-your blog is working???!!

Angela said...

Beautiful! I opted out of Christmas pictures this year because I couldn't even get two girls to cooperate - I'm impressed.