confusion on the web.

okay. so. yes. i am confused and trying to educate myself. :) i tried to "post" the other day, and my computer will no longer let me "post" or even "open" my blog. hmmmm. it says that my browser won't allow access to blogger anymore. isn't that great? :) so now i am educating myself on what a browser actually is, and which one i want to switch too. (this is a trial run on google chrome, for those of you who are laughing at me)'s a bummer my kids aren't old enough to teach me what's up, but surely that will come in handy some day. for now it looks like re-entering lots of my favorite sites, etc. sounds like a major headache to me...i guess i needed another headache? i have been doing a lot of decorating, have lots of pictures to share, because i have been doing ~lots~ of copying off of pinterest. the best site ever in my book. it's a bummer i can't join since i don't use facebook. probably better that way because it is a huge time sucker for me. :) my sister did so wisely suggest that maybe the Lord is trying to tell me something...and possibly my blog is something i am supposed to "lay down" as i referenced in a previous post. i shudder to think, as my blog is a great outlet for my "thoughts", but she could infact be right. guess that means i need to pray about it, and see if i can glean some "direction" :) so...if you don't hear from me in awhile, that means i am lost in computer jargon and you should come help me find a new browser. :) smiles. ~mk.


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