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Friday, December 30, 2011

kaycee agnes turns 7!!

i can hardly believe it.
my kaycee turns 7 in almost exactly 2 hours.
you got it.
we hit december 30th at 11:54 p.m.

they asked if i could hold on for a few more minutes to make it a new years eve
baby, and i politely declined.
(i think i was polite)  :)

kaycee was 8 days late.
matt's back was broken, and healing.
he was in a brace.
but healing in month 2 out of 4 1/2 if that helps put things in perspective. :)

kaycee is a lot like me.
she is: extreme-ly sensitive, a people-pleaser, a go-with-the-flow kind of girl...
by that i mean, she does not like attention drawn to her. at all.
she loves the arts. dancing, singing, drawing, painting, music.
she hates gym. and pretty much all sports.
she likes to read.
she is a great help to me. she does what i ask of her, and usually so without complaining.
she is a total pack rat...she does not inherit this from her mom. :)
she loves to play school with her sisters.
(she does my job for me in this regard...she teaches them A LOT.)

she is a joy to us.
we seek wisdom in raising her.
mainly because of her quiet spirit.
i worry a lot about kaycee because of this...
but trust the Lord has created her just as he wanted. 
to teach her mom a few things no doubt... :)

regardless...happy birthday big 7 year old.
we love you.
a few shots from over the years...

(meg...i think she looks like you in this pic)

and...we did have an ortho appointment today for matt's knee.
the surgeon we saw was much more encouraging than the report i had gotton from our family doctor.
this doc did not make a big deal out of his mri at all,
nor the 2 x-rays he got today,
so...we are going to try physical therapy for a month,
and then he will re-evaluate him.
hoping NOT to do surgery, but we'll see.
assured matt he will be able to play hockey again. regardless.
but not before the 2-6 month window...
so that is great news.
thank you for praying for him.
perhaps it is a miracle. :)

 kaycee with my parents, richard adn debbie, posing with the birthday bear.
my parents bring him to birthdays, he is a pretty loud singing bear. matt was
more than happy to send him on his way. :) but the kids love him...

 blowing out the candles, with poppy in the background...
she picked out a flag cake for me to make...pretty easy.

 this isn't so good. obviously. but kaycee got a look alike american girl
doll this year. she has her ears pierced, which means kaycee gets to get her
ears pierced for her birthday. she has been waiting a loooong time for both...  :)

 i love this pic...

 the headbands we made for kaycee's birthday. they got to pick out the flower
petal colors, as well as feathers and buttons, and i did the rest. :)

and just for good measure...i think she is teething...

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Shelby said...

Love, love, love the pictures. Happy Birthday sweet Kaycee:)