so...last night an all day/everyday kindergarten program was passed for our school district. i was hoping to not have to deal with full day kindergarten just yet, and am very, very disappointed. i cringe thinking about it. i know it's more convenient for everyone. i know. i know it's a relief for all the full time working families out there, many less headaches, i get that. but i am still disappointed.

our kids grow up too fast. way too fast. and i just feel like we push them, harder, faster, to know more at younger ages all the time. when will it stop? did we pass this because it's convenient for schedules? or did we pass this because it's "best" for our children? to save money, to spend money?  i wonder. i know it would be hard being a teacher, and having the pressures  they deal with, trying to teach our children everything they need to know, in half the time. and i know the mandates continue to get more and more, higher and higher. i get that too. i am just sad that campbell will have to sit in school for 7 hours. 7 hours. when she could be home with her mom and sisters, after 3 hours of school,  playing. napping. fighting. :) running errands, if she had been old enough to go this year. ugh.

thanks for listening to my grievances. at this point, i am thinking about other options. i am praying about other options. all the while kindergarten registration starts tonight. eeeekkkk. :) ~mk.


jodi said…
Yuck! That stinks! I am not at all a fan of full day kindergarten! I am surprised that they decided to add it given all the budget issues districts are dealing with. Karli is to have full day kindergarten too:( However, I do think there is the option of picking her up after half of the day (I may take that option). Kindergarten is not required...maybe you could just pick her up everyday before lunch:)
Adrienne Neff said…
We have the option of picking up before lunch at Paradise Elementary, maybe they would let you do that. There is only 1 other little girl and my Jackson but I don't care. He has had afternoons on the farm and I don't regret it at all!! Hope it works out for you!
Shelby said…
I know the amount of stuff they give them is crazy. When Gabby comes home from school the last thing she wants to do is practice numbers, letters, etc. We are used to it now, but still I had a HARD time with it:( Praying for you girl.

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