an update on kaycee.

So love this..

just got off the phone with kaycee's dupont doctor...she has reviewed the bloodwork and is pleased with it for the most part. the blood work results have ruled out 3 of her top 4 guesses. yay. she does have a significant vitamin D deficiency, so i am starting supplements immediately. at this point we are still doing the MRI, on wed. 5/2,  in hopes that it will show nothing...which will mean there could have been some sort of infection that she is getting over, (which doesn't seem likely to me?) or the pain is solely from her vitamin D deficiency. Praise the Lord...these are all good things to hear! thanks to all of you who are praying for her and our family...

(verse graphic credit: joyshope)


Anonymous said…
Glad the bloodwork only showed a Vit. D deficiency. I would have her tested for Celiac Disease.
Ang Stoltzfus said…
yippee! i will pray for her on "mri-day"
Anonymous said…
Praise the Lord!! I want you to know that I along with my small group have been praying for Kaycee.

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