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Thursday, April 12, 2012

a thrilling find. and a heavy heart.

what an unusually great week.

when i say that, i am meaning that i got to go to "the bins" twice in a few days.

the first visit was to the Lancaster goodwill bins.on monday.
( brother and his wife, took 4 of my 5 kids on an un-expected overnight from our
family easter dinner. you say what? i know, right?)
so while i should have been home cleaning up a house where nothing was in order.
seriously. i ran to the bins instead,
for no other reason than i only had one child in tow. :)

if you have never been there, i will say, it's not for the faint of heart.
you dig thru big, waist level, "bins" more or less, of clothes, etc. in hopes of finding a delight.
for $0.85/piece.

i did find some delights.
my super find there, was a i will call it a "sunday coat" for me...
it's a knee length black and white tweed coat.
it rocks. for $2.
(some things are more than $ coats. :)  )
but. i did not take a picture. yet. :)

my more impressive find was these curtains.
i went to the east earl bins yesterday, kind of by accident.
campbell was at preschool, and i had to run to flower and craft warehouse, and well,
calli and karolina and i had some extra time to "fill" so where else do we find ourselves?
we should have been visiting my grandparents, and/or grandmother, but no.
the bins.

some other nice things found.
 as i was getting ready to leave, this fabric caught my eye.
this is one of my most favorite fabrics ever. it just is.
2 of my  most favorite decorating colors, together, and it has roosters and peeps on it.
what in the world could be more fitting for my home on our chicken farm?
maybe.nadda. :)

my flooring has been done in my expanded kitchen for a month now,
and i just couldn't hang a curtain...
i just didn't know quite what i wanted.

now i know.
2 heavy, lined, beautiful panels for $6.50.
have you priced curtains lately?
i am seriously tickled.
and now my curtains match in both windows in my expanded kitchen.
(now if only i could do something about that huge.ugly.gray radiator???)


and now moving on to the heavy heart part of my post.
it is looking like my cousin has a cancerous tumor in his stomach.
what a blow.
33 year old husband, father, pastor, son, friend.
ugh. a lump to swallow.
tears to shed.
prayers to say.
for jeremy, sabrina, and their 3 small children.
thank you.
sabrina's blog is:

and a 2 year old little girl drowned in a 16 gallon tub of water on her family farm
just nights ago.
we all do it. we run inside for "just a minute".
we run upstairs. we turn around and. ugh.
the daughter of a well known family in our area.
her mom is pregnant with child number 8. can you imagine?

all reminders to me that my days here are numbered.
to live my days carefully.


Shelby said...

Love, Love, Love those curtains ~ what a great find girl:) Hey housecleaning can wait especially when you have one child to shop with;)

Shelby said...

I will be praying for your sweet cousin, I HATE the word CANCER SOOOO much, and drowning scares me with kids:(