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Saturday, April 7, 2012

*happy ~special~ Easter weekend*

karolina grace sucking on her first easter egg.
wasn't sure how egg dying would work this year. but it was fine.
each kid got their own hard boiled dozen, and off they went.
this is what karolina did when the others were dying eggs.
she was talking to millie right thru the glass...she got so excited. :) karolina that is. ha.ha.

2 dozen of our masteripieces.

the kids seemed to have a huge long vacation this year...
due to NOT one snow day. that is a first that i can ever remember...and i also went to octorara. :)
our neighbors, jeff and rhonda stoltzfus, hosted a kick ball party one afternoon.
it turned into a very creative egg hunt as well.
and basketball shooting as well.
look at the variety of neighborhood kids. isn't it fun?
i love that we can walk and play with the neighbors. and we all love Jesus.
well. that's just bonus, i mean. :)


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