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Sunday, April 22, 2012

the weekend.

it felt like a whirlwind of a weekend. a fun one. but very full. an out-of-town friend came in for another friend's baby shower, and so jane and her family stopped by to visit the farm on friday afternoon, as i was mulching. :) so thankful for the my mulch is still piled high in the driveway. :)

jane has been a great friend since little, and it's always fun to catch up with her. there is still something fun about people...we usually converse thru text or e-mail, so real life is fun. she has a different perspective on life than i, as she is wife to a working man, who travels a lot, and mother to two littles, and now lives in "suburbia" as she calls it, but would prefer to live in the city. :) so  i ~always~ laugh when she comes to visit "the farm" and has all these questions about "things"...just a different perspective, that i guess i never think about, since all i have known most of my life is farming...not that i DO any of it, but living here, you just sort of acquire a knowledge base i guess?  :)  my family will crack up at this...and you must know that i have never milked a cow, and i grew up on a dairy farm. but i did get "class farmer" my senior would wonder how i pulled that off? hmmm? i am not even sure? i have a knowledge base of chickens now, and help out on occassion, but by no means, would consider myself a hard working farm woman. :)

anyway, here are some pictures of my weekend that jane's husband, brad, captured..

love that we haven't taken down the christmas star...i think it might as well stay up until next december...what do you think?

calli was walking to the baseball field with henry, jane's almost 2 year old.

jane's daughter, violet, 4, with kaycee and kaden in the background, watching a baseball game. they thought it pretty cool, we have a baseball field in our front yard, and kept reminding me that we are living out the movie field of dreams. kinda funny. kaden is often perched on the fence, watching a is quickly becoming a punishment for him not to be able to do this so frequently. :)

here are some of my bestest high school friends...from left to right: jessica (althouse) prokay, sarah morrissey (who is married to jason ralston, and expecting their first baby...she is one of the ~cutest~ tiniest pregant girls...i always am  so jealous of...the shower in honor of her, obviously), jane (bailey) suburbia friend i spoke of earlier. :)

was so much fun being at the shower. first of all, just walking in the house, was a total hoot...all these memories of being there from 7th grade on up? it was funny.  i laughed a lot that day. and we haven't had a picture together since matt and i were living in the trailer, and i was pregnant with kaden. eeeekkkk. he will be nine this summer...if i could find that picture i would post it also...or maybe not?  :)

also took in a few yard sales sat. morning, and spent sat. afternoon at our first baseball event in our front yard. it will be totally party central around here in a couple years, when kaden calls that field his home field...will be lots of fun, and always kids here, i am imagining. :) and then chilled with a few more friends who popped in that night...

life is good. i am blessed. happy week ahead. wish my garden was planted to soak in all this rain. oh well.


Jane said...

We loved visiting and learning!!! :)

Shelby said...

LOVE the star keep it up, love the darling pictures. SWEET:)