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Thursday, April 26, 2012

update on kaycee.

we had our first appointment at dupont today. blood work was ordered...and we fit it in today, actually.  an MRI is scheduled for 5/2...i am told it is like a donut, and that kaycee can listen to music, but should stay very still for one hour. i am wondering if i should get her sedated? what do you think? of course they highly recommend it, but i did speak to a very  nice nurse on the phone, and asked her if she would have her 7 year old sedated for an mri, and she was very honest. love that. she said her son would have been fine, but her daughter would have had to be sedated...i hate the thought of sedating kaycee because i ~think~ she will do fine, if she is not in an enclosed tube...i hear such yucky stories when they wake up, but if it is traumatic with out sedation, than i don't know which is worse, ya know...ugh. we then have another follow-up appointment on 5/14. i loved our skinny little blond curly haired doctor. my most favorite part of the day, was when she was examining kaycee, and asked her how many brothers and sisters she had...kaycee responded, and the doctor looked up at me and said, "and they all came...(silence) from you?" ha.ha.ha. i cracked up. "wow. that's awesome", the doctor said. "you are so calm and wow. just so calm." to which i responded, "well, yeah...i only have one with me right now." and then she cracked up. :) she has one baby, who is 15 months old.

her top four guesses are these: a) legg calve perthes disease (this is when there is not enough blood supply to the head of the femur, so it becomes necrotic and dies...i understand it will regenerate, but is a process. she prefers to see in children under 6... :(  )   b) transient synovitis c) lymes d) rheumatologic process. (possibly juvenile rheumatoid arthritis...though this does not run in our family).  now you know what i know...i need to google everything now. :)

thank you for your prayers. keep them coming. i felt very calm and at peace until i drove into the facility today, and saw cancer treatment center written on the outside of the building. my belly did flops for a minute or two...just happened to be the office building that housed the orthapedic center we went too. whew.

 i must say that is actually why i am being so "attack" in getting this figured out. i have heard too many stories of aches and pains in little kids that turn into finding cancer. i know some are thinking we are rediculous for going this route of treatment. at this point. i need to know what is going on. i don't want to fool around. and if we do all this and it is a sprain, then so be it. it is money well spent in my "motherly" opinion.

i know full well how blessed we are, and have been, and sitting in the waiting room today, just solidified that. thank you again for all of your prayers. i can feel them. and keep praying for kaycee. i think she is doing well, but we talked awhile tonight before bed about the mri, and what that entails...she is so sensitive, and got a little bit teary. partly because her test isn't until 3:30 in the afternoon and she can't eat anything after 6 am. oh my. she's just like her mother. :)   ~mk.


Anonymous said...

Praying for you and Kaycee!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! I was thinking of you guys yesterday and today, and praying for you! So sorry that you have to go through this but SO glad that the Lord is going with you through it. May you experience Him! ANdrea : )

Not Your Ordinary Anything said...

Don't let the Googling scare you, I was just talking to someone who told me their doctors tell them to never Google stuff because info is always changing and it just scares people.

Praying for you & Kaycee! I'm sure she'll do great either way. Love the convo with the doctor, ha. :)

Shelby said...

You have such a calm spirit:)
Well I think it does depend on the child, Sabrina I would have to sedate, Gabby I probably would not sedate. If you are able I think they let you talk to her while she is in there, maybe that would be enough to calm her. Praying for you and thanks for the update. May you experience the Peace of the Lord that only HE can give you.


Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...

hey thought of you yesterday! praying for you guys on this journey...i agree with chelsea...sometimes it might be better not to google. at least for me...i tend to google and then freak out! :)
hope you are doing well..praying for grace and peace!
love ya, heather :)

Angie Myer said...

I'm sorry to hear about all of this! I hope it's no big deal -- I'll be praying!!


Ang Stoltzfus said...

by all means- it is $ well spent!! you will never regret getting this checked out..even if it is only a sprain (we will have to throw a party if that is the case) but then you'll know & just be extra thankful right?? :)
bless your heart. as a mother-we carry all of our children's burdens so deeply-often it is harder for us then them. :) you are so sweet & caring-i'm sure kaycee feels peace from your tender words & hugs & prayers.
as for the MRI- (i just had one this past jan.) & although an hour is a long time for a child...kaycee seems to be the kind of girl that could hold still for that long without sedation. right? if you totally talk through it with her ahead of time...& maybe have a special something afterwards if she does a good job. :)it won't be painful will it? would you be able to be in the room with her? will you be able to pick the music?? go with your gut mamma!

i am SO glad that you liked your doc! that makes ALL OF THE DIFFERENCE in the world! i'm convinced that *every* DuPont dr is amazing!
ok- enough of a book on your blog...maybe i should just email you;) LOVE YOU.