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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

*in praise of large families*

hey. and i think we qualify. :)

matt and i have a friend. and he has a friend who is not from this area.
i guess she questioned or wondered whether people from "this area" (i assume that means lancaster county)
 know "how to control having children."

my friend. he mentioned this to us. not once. but twice.
(i think the second time was by accident, but still...)
he is from a big family himself, and i think he kind of laughed off the comment to us...
but each time i was really bothered by his comment.
i don't know what i even said, but i was irritated both times at the end of the evening.

i am currently painting our mudroom. currently as in right now this minute.
and this broadcast came over the radio.
now. as i type.
and it is good enough to pass on.

so. if you wonder why there are large families out there.
you should listen to it.
it will give you insight.

it kind of made me feel like "that-a-girl".
i need that sometimes.
(who am i kidding? i need that all the time.) ha.
i feel like having 5 children gets me beaten up in this world a good bit.
people are critical. and harsh.
and i can't say in general that people are supportive of our large family.
anyway. enough of my insecurities and wanting to please the world.

you can find it here.

now that that's off my chest, i will return to painting. :)


Shelby said...

Go Missy, go Missy for painting, you AMAZE me:).... I KNOW people look at me like I am crazy:) Like I am a circus show at Target today with all 5 of the children. Today was exceptional because they were really well behaved at Target, but still. OK I LOVE LARGE families and have always admired them ( I just so happen to get my large family differently:). Doesn't it say Children are a Heritage of the Lord Psalm 127:3-5? You know I have hard days, but I wouldn't trade this for anything really.

Angie Myer said...

I love, love, love big families -- and especially yours! :) It's becoming more & more apparent to me that our whole society is just really mixed up ... priorities are all wrong. So, unfortunately, you probably will hear some people talk negatively about large families -- but there are others who think you're doing an awesome, awesome thing by raising 5 children to love the LORD! :)

Angie Myer said...

PS -- Thank you again for the treats, it was so nice to catch up w/ you guys! :)

Not Your Ordinary Anything said...

i love you and i love big families too! so ironic you posted this today because someone in my office was ranting about big families and how those people must not know how to not have kids ... and i wanted to smack her, ha. families are a powerful thing. the influence your family has and will continue to have on the world speaks for itself ... and that's a huge credit to all of your love and hard work. -Chelsea

heidiann(e) said...
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heidiann(e) said...

I come from a small family, and have a small family, but I love big families! Is there any kid out there who doesn't want MORE brothers & sisters?

These wee ones are such a blessing. I am steamrolled by love every day.

Interesting what people think they have a right to know and/or ask. Even with my one, I was shocked with the number of times I was asked "Was it planned?"

I have read that a good response to intrusive questions is "Why do you ask?" I keep wanting a chance to use it, but always chicken out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing as a young married women can't wait to start my own "large" family;)