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Saturday, December 8, 2012

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

around here.
and. i. LOVE. it.

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year to decorate.






sorry. had to sneak this thanksgiving picture in here.
(we are even missing a few. can you imagine the fun we are going to start having in just a few short years?)



hoping you are feeling energized and excited
for this Christmas season...
and something new i tried this year for advent is wrapping up Christmas themed books, and each child takes a turn opening a present, before bed, and then we snuggle in a bed, and read it together. it's been a lot of fun. i was surprised at how many Christmas books, i actually gathered around here, and then we got some library books, and i bought a few to add to the stash...all leading up to the Christmas story to open on Christmas Eve...i got the idea here.
of course it was not my own. :)
i am so inspired by pinterest and blogs.

it's probably an addiction of some sort. :)

some may think it's a waste of wrapping paper, and maybe it is,
but when you collect it at yard sales and goodwill for no more than $1/roll,
it's really no great sacrifice.
the kids get so excited when it's their turn to open the book.
even my nine year old, and it ensures we take time out to read together before bed.
a great habit, that sometimes gets missed in this household.
funny what five kids has done to bedtime...
life, really. :)

are you done shopping yet?
just wonderin'.


mom mom Susan said...

LOVE seeing you beautiful decorations! You are so much like your mom. My shopping is done just not wrapped. Now to enjoy the season. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family.

Shelby said...

Lovely Mis, love all of the little snippets of your cozy, warm, inviting home:) Shelby~

Holly said...

Hi Missy! I just stole your wrapped books idea. I thought it was great but wasn't feeling motivated to wrap 12 additional items :-; But I got my husband to help tonight...I wrapped 11 books and he did one....hmmmm...he asked, "where did you buy these books?"...I said, "the playroom" Ha!!! Wrapping paper is a magical thing!!! :-) I LOVE your Christmas decor!!! Merry Christmas!!