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Thursday, December 6, 2012

* the w.e.d.d.i.n.g. *

my cousin *alli* got married on saturday.
it was gorgeous. and i knew it would be.


i got to help do some flowers.
not really *my* thing, wedding flowers.
i love doing flowers for my house, because i am the critic, and so what i think looks cute, goes. :)
weddings are a whole nother ball game...
but my mom needed help, so i obliged. while my mother-in-law and hubs kept the kids.
*thank you*.
i had so much fun.


the wedding and reception was at the quilt museum in lancaster.
it was gorgeous by itself, and then my aunt and company did *so* much work.


lots and lots of white. winter white. and white feathers.
alli is all girly girl.
fit her to a tee. :)


we had a great time being there and catching up with family.
one of the most fun things there, was a photo booth.
yep. even with dress up boa's and hats. what a riot!!
thanks for the great evening shank's. :)

here is a tiny snippet of video that encompasses pieces of the day.
my favorite part is when they see each other for the first time. love it. :)

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stonermedia said...

hi, thanks for posting my video. I just wanted to point out it was created by stonermedia ( not jeremy hess photography. thanks again

Missy. said...

eeeek. i am very sorry mr. stoner. i corrected my mistake right away. very, very sorry. your video is gorgeous!!! my apologies. ~melissa.