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Saturday, March 16, 2013

she *WON*

thanks so much friends.
for all of you who checked out the video of matt's cousins wife, mary lou.
and *voted* her way.

she *WON* the grand prize...
on friday. on the LIVE with kelly and michael show.
(i was so bummed, i did not see it, we were at the mountains. the no t.v. mountains. :)  )
i think it's $100,000.00.
and they won a cruise to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary coming up.
can you even believe it?

i'd say she's famous.
i have never, ever known anyone to win that much money. :)

20,000 applicants. 15 finalalists.
then 4 more finalists.
and SHE won.

way to go Kelly for even thinking of nominating your mom.
how special.

we are going to see if we can get her autograph and quick photo at church tomorrow.
ha. she's gonna love the papparatzi now. :)


mom mom Susan said...

So thrilling to know a special Christian woman won on the "worldly" tv show.

Anonymous said...

Missy, Thank you so much for your part in helping our family have this incredible opportunity. We feel so blessed and humbled by it all! I sum it up by saying: My daughter wrote an amazing letter.....and GOD took it ABOVE and BEYOND....further than we could have ever imagined.
Mary Lou King