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i haven't watched the kelly and michael show since i was a little girl...
and then it was regis and kelly LIVE...
and my dad watched it when he came in from the barn, and ate breakfast. :)

until now.
when my sweet friend kelly stoltzfus, honored her mom by writing a letter to the show
about her "unstoppable mom".

you can check out the video below...
all these moms are super-fantastic...there seem to be two that really stick out to me
as being "unstoppable", and mary lou, hands down, is one of them. :)

kelly and her husband kyle, were a part of our youth group, when matt and i were leaders.
so of course they hold a special place in our hearts, as anyone we have mentored in that way.

neal, kelly's dad, mary lou's husband, is the brother to my sister-in-law, naomi...
so there are more connections.
kristy, kelly's sister, mary lou's daughter, is our top notch babysitter.
and well. mary lou. who doesn't look up to her?

they also go to our church...
and although their faith was not accentuated in the video...
i love that they trust in Jesus Christ, as their Lord and Savior...

we love their family for many reasons,
and think it would be an absolute astonishing honor for her to win
"the unstoppable mom challenge".

check it out.
voting starts thursday on the kelly and michael homepage.


heidiann(e) said…

that lady is truly inspiring.

what a humbling story.

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