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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

100 shoes.

kaycee's teacher told me yesterday, that on friday, when they were celebrating their 100th day of school, that she asked her kindergartners "if they could have 100 of something, what would they choose?"

do you know what my sweet angel girl kaycee said? let me remind you, kaycee is my most quiet, extremely sensitive, artsy 6 year old.

she said, in an almost crying voice...and i quote, "i would like 100 pairs of shoes to throw at my brother and sisters when they are mean and make me mad."

hmmm. how do you respond when your kids teacher tells you that?
i don't know either. happy tuesday! ~mk.


Kendra said...

too funny! maybe that is her pent up emotion coming out!

Anonymous said...

Well, as your cousin way far away in CO I can tell you my response - laugh out loud. :) Sounds like a creative response to me. :) I'm sure you'll have more fun working with it in real life!


Angie Myer said...

haha! that's so cute!! :) I am so sorry the kids & I missed running into you the other night! I hope you guys had a nice family night! :)

Mark Buckwalter said...

too funny!