yes. we have *baby* news.

In the 1970s, Dr. Landrum Shettles, M.D., Ph.D., developed a scientifically based, fairly simple way in which to increase your chances of having a boy or girl. While various studies have shown the Shettles method to be quite successful, I must emphasize here that its overall effectiveness is still widely disputed in the medical community. Dr. Shettles himself claims that it is about 80-90 % effective for choosing boys, and 75-80 % effective for choosing girls, when the method rules are followed correctly.

-Toni Weschler

So...our all-knowing, ever present and loving Father above is in heaven now laughing at us, thinking..."and you thought you could "help me" in creating your child,'d that work for ya?"

yep. umm. it didn't.
you guessed it.
we are delighted and thrilled to know that we will be welcoming
another precious baby girl into our family come july.
while some are a tad bit disappointed...
they will come around and rally in the end.

i know i am blessed beyond measure.
i have never, ever had trouble getting pregnant.
i have never, ever experienced losing a baby.
i have never, ever had a complicated pregnancy.
i have short, fast, painful, ;) labor and deliveries.
and have always had the great pleasure of being a great baby cooker...
(which means my babies like to come close to the 2 week late marker)

we are praising the Lord for weaving together
what looks to be a very healthy miracle number 5.

everyone i have told so far...

first thing said was...
"how is matt?"

he is good. he is a wee bit disappointed.
but he will rally. along with kaden.
he is a great dad!
and we'll show him girls can be good farmers too.



Anonymous said…
Awe!! Congratulations on A Girl!!! better start saving for alllll those weddings!!! You are a Great baby "cooker"...your family is Beautiful!!! Take Care :)

Kendra said…
I had a feeling you are having a girl! YAY! Poor Kaden :(, but he will be spoiled as the only boy! And like, you I never experienced complicated pregnancies, losing a baby, trouble getting pregnant, etc.--thankfully, even if they were all closer than we planned!
Anonymous said…
Hey Missy, Congrats!!!...Ever since I heard you were pregnant I was "wondering"....we are having a 3rd boy due in June...
....YES, girls make great farmers, no doubt...Matt never had sisters to prove it to him....I could kick my brothers butts big-time back in the day when we did dairy farming (my dad would agree..haha)...tell Matt he's got NOTHIN' to worry about...Hope to see you at the birth center one of these days!!!
Joanna Chappell
Mark Buckwalter said…
AWESOME! We love you and are excited to have another beautiful niece! Congrats!

Jeff said…
I will continue the list of C and K names for you...I am bound to come up with at least 1 that Matt will go for. Can't wait for our girlies to be best of friends...they'll proabaly be bridesmaids for one another years down the road...God for sure knew what he was doin. xoxox Meg
Jeff said…
By the way I am not Jeff...I must of signed in from our business account...oops...xoxo Meg
CountryMidwife said…
Up against an 80-90% success rate -- SHE was MEANT TO BE! And a good, important reminder to all that something far greater and wiser than us is really in charge!

I think I've told you guys? I was the only girl in my family. And though I don't know what I missed out on having a sister, I SO cherish being my mom's only daughter. I never had to split or share that momma-daughter love with another... and we are SO close. I feel lucky and blessed to have that! I just KNOW that one day Matt and Kaden will realize the blessing in just being the two of them.

I also think that "mothers are the architects of human beings" -- and raising girls to be good, loving, patient Christian mommas is like promoting peace on earth.

God knows just which baby belongs to each family :)
Chelsea said…
yay!!! the world needs beautiful girls to marry the farmers too ... with a great dad like matt to give the guys lining up to date your daughters a solid dose of intimidation ... and a beautiful mom like you to pass along all of your wisdom and style. can't wait to hear what you name her. :)
jodi said…
Congrats! Pink is just SO MUCH fun:) You will definitely need one of those play kitchens to keep them happy! I think Karli's gift was for me as much as her. I decided if toys were going to invade my house, I was going to embrace it....and make the toys MY style too:)
Anonymous said…
I am not worried about Matts reaction as much as I am Kaydens.......

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