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Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentines day.

happy happy heart day!

here's to a happy day at home.
how will you spend your day?

Heart of Flowers

and just humor me for a minute here.

so...i was in helping for the kindergarten valentine party
this morning...and was paired with two moms that i have
never met before.

our "station" was set up in the hallway,
with about 6 paint sticks taped to the floor, and
 a large heart at the last paint stick.

the kids were split up into 2 groups, and
were supposed to kind of race each other,
hopping over the sticks, get the heart, and bring it back to the next person.
kind of a relay deal.
our station was to last for 15 minutes long!
(and then the kids rotated thru 6 different stations.)

so it took about 6 minutes into it, and the kids were kind of tired of hopping.
no kidding?
so...i suggested maybe we should do the crab walk instead.
what a great idea, right?
what would be more fun to watch 5 and 6 year olds walk across the floor on
their hands and feet?

WRONG. these moms shot me down like a...
i couldn't believe it.
and you want to know why "the crabwalk wasn't a good idea?"

aggghhh. please humor me.
i hope i don't accidentally invite their kids over
to my FARM for a playdate. ;)

do they even know what DIRTY is?


i know we  are all trying to do the best job that we can.
but...really? the crabwalk?


Kendra said...

I am laughing out loud at work! Oh my, they shouldn't come to my house either! Owen sucks his finger, still, and who knows where his hands have been sometimes! :) A little dirt never hurt anyone, I often think "germ-free" ppl don't expose themselves to germs enough and get sick more often!
Happy Valentine's Day.

Jane said...


Anonymous said...

Ha!!! Love your stories!! Our Kindergarten party was very messy today...Cody was Covered in Icing..licking his "dirty" fingers when I arrived :) Happy Valentines Day!!