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Thursday, February 3, 2011


people who know me well,
know that i babies.
i like to say i wish my babies would stay babies forever.
(partly because i love babies and partly because life gets harder after that stage)
i know. i am totally selfish.
as if God promised me an easy life, anyway, right?

the ironic part of that is that i love my life right now.
i am glad i don't have to go to school. to college. to date.
shoot. even go to work in the morning.
i got to get married and be a mom. not wanting my kids to grow up, i would be having them not be
able to get this far. does that even make sense?
i had to grow up to get here.

life is hitting me.
life is hitting me hard.
my first born is 7 1/2. my baby is almost 2 1/2.
i try to live life in the present.
in the moment.
simply put...we are not promised tomorrow.
we can only take in the very seconds of the day.
how easy would life be if we never had to grow up?
aggghhh. but we do.

here's to cherishing today. no matter how it turns out.
the good. the bad. the sad. or the ugly.
here's to today.  ~mk.


Jane said...

But I don't want to keep getting older!! I already have enough wrinkles and three gray hairs are enough!!! Hahaha!

Kendra said...

I totally understand. I always wanted to be a mom, had to grow up to get there, but don't want my kids to grow up! and the baby stage, as needy as they are then, was easier in some aspects than having a 7yo, 6yo, and 4 1/2 yo!