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Thursday, February 10, 2011

what i've been up too.

lots of crafting.
valentine crafting. which is totally bogus for me.
 i am having

and i am *totally* teaching myself to sew.
can you believe it?
(check off  bucket list).

i appliqued this shirt.
(is that even how you spell it?)
was pretty proud of myself.
i am *not* a sew-er, but have been having lots of fun *playing*.

my *space* has been in the basement.
um. my husband has been *very* patient with me.
i really do need to clean up.
just a couple more projects to quick finish up. :)

so...nate berkus says that it is totally fine to *copy*.
oh good.
because that is *totally* what i do.
(i love it when people post their tutorials...fabulous...)
~thank you. if you see your ideas. here. i hope you don't see that as rude.~
so...i have been going to town on some burp cloths...
who would have thought it *could* be tricky to sew in a straight line? :)

and well. this is as good as it got guys.
i will try to do better til next time.
but, i am *totally* growing.
love this stage. when i am not complete-ly huge yet...
that will be come summer. ;)

and why can't people get clothes ~IN~ the hamper?
was just wonderin' ?

oh. and my sister just updated.
they are having a girl.
yay. we are tickled p*i*n*k.
til next time. ~mk.


Kendra said...

love it! did you make the flower on your shirt? If so, can you make me one and teach me how to sew? I have no clue how to use a sewing machine, have never tried! love Kaycee's shirt, you can open a shop on etsy! and love the "baby bump" always makes me want one! just not sure about when the "bump" becomes a 3yo! :)

Megan said...

Umm....can I place an order for burp cloths? I would love some pink and chocolate ones for our little sweetie when she arrives. Also, thanks for the info. from Jen, it brought me so much peace and was so helpful.xoxox

Sarah said...

Yes, I'll take a burp cloth too!:)

And you do look adorable! Love that stage your in. I however am in the WOW, you look uncomfortable. And awkward. And slightly freakish, stage:)

Missy. said...

yep. kendra. i did make my flower. will gladly make you one. (very easy, no sewing involved). i have a small size, medium, and that's the largest. i think i have gray, off white, red, and hot pink...or you can request your own color and i'll get it. and sewing...i can try to teach you...i don't know too much yet. :)

meg, yep. i already have some burp cloths made for you. ;) and thought Jen would put you to ease. :)

and sarah...i will make some boy-ish ones for you. just don't tell people "who" made them...the sewing is FAR from great. ;)but they would still be totally fine to keep at home. :)and...i am sure you look fabulous. i will put the freakish-look to SHAME come july. yikes.

Ang Stoltzfus said...

sooooo. is the PINK flower a hint about the gender of your child? =)
love the belly pic!
miss you girl!

Ang Stoltzfus said...

not sure WHAT i was thinking when i wrote that?????
forgive me.

Missy. said...

ang...ha.ha.ha. no worries. you will know when we know...if you remember to ask. ;) won't know til about the 24th. can't wait. so spoiled these days. :) when are ya coming down, anyway? :) me.

Mark Buckwalter said...

Hey girl. love the picture of your baby bump. mark and i were just talking about how we haven't seen you guys in forever and you would probably be showing by now! i still want to stop by sometime soon! ;)
and sewing is on my bucket list too...someday. maybe you could give me some pointers. i love that you are pursuing the stuff on your heart! ;)
love ya,


Missy. said...

heather and mark...
and what a bittersweet reminder our baby bumps are. :( we don't forget. :) me.

Anonymous said...

Love the belly shot. Keep 'em coming. :)