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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

bathroom. has been a whirl-wind since Sunday.
matt had left at 6 am sunday, to go skiing
with a bunch of guys...
he will be returning late this afternoon and we will hit the ground
running with a busy schedule and preparing
for peeps to arrive next week. ;)

when he leaves, you would think i should just let all "go"
and relax...but i actually do the opposite.
i stay up until all hours watching fun shows on tv,
or movies, and getting stuff done.

the bathroom is put back together.
thanks for all your kind words and encouragement.
my hope is that matt has forgotton about the whole ordeal
by the time he returns. ;)
the floor is painted, and actually doesn't look that bad
for an old rustic farm house.

i also started painting our newly remodeled upper room.
it will take forever, but i am loving it.
hopefully will post some pics this afternoon.
off to a.m. bible study, and then have
check ups scheduled for the kids before
heading off to talent show at church
should be a riot.

cheers. ~mk.

1 comment:

Kendra said...

totally forgot about the talent show, I wanted to go! :(
i am the same way, when Jason and the kids went to FL, I got so much done, stayed up late and watched what I wanted to watch on tv!