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So times are a changing here in the King household. Almost 2 teens live here, and soon to be a bunch of pre-teens to follow. :) Trying to...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

~the mountains~

this past weekend we got to go to the king cabin.
in potter county.
it's a "cabin" that was purchased by matt's grandpa
long, long ago...
when it took forever in those days to actually get there. takes about 5 hours...unless you drive an average
speed of about 80 mph,
which we do...and then we get there in about 4. ;)

currently, there are about 20 "male" members.
no female members allowed.
i think there are some pretty bogus rules in the
by-laws...but it doesn't matter what i think...first...
a) because i married in, so i am not "really" a king
and second...b) i am a woman.

kidding. kidding.
(well...maybe partly kidding).

these kings. ;) on to our weekend:

it was the first time that matt's immediate family...
he, his parents, and brother
have been to the cabin together since the boys were teenagers.
hope it's not that long until we return again as a family...
aldie and judy,
matt and i, kaden, kaycee, campbell and calli, and
mark, jamie, and rhiannon.

always fun to retreat to the quiet of the king cabin
lady bugs and all.

our highlights:
~ playing with rhiannon
~ eating and relaxing
~ reading...well...mostly missy. :)
~ target shooting
~ hiking
~ watching our pod boats float down the river
~ the warm weather friday
~ indoor volleyball (moppy's invention...a homemade net with a balloon).

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