a broken toe.

can you believe it?

i have never been one of those pregnant women who trip and fall.
i count my blessings and knock on wood.

today...i was on the phone...and totally walked
~right into~ the leg of our ottoman.
(now...i will have you know i didn't skip a beat on the phone,
did i kim?)
but i couldn't believe i did something so...just...dumb.

it was swollen right away
but now...it is PURPLE.
dark purple
and totally throbbing and painful to walk on.
i tried to tape it to the next toe...and it does feel better that way.
we'll see.
should i take a picture?
just kidding. i won't. :)

i told myself i was going to do better at exercising now.
since it's getting warmer and all. ;)
i guess this is the Lord telling me to stay sitting on my butt.

luvs. mk.


Kim said…
Are you kidding me?!!! Why didn't you say something....as I was going on and on...of course, all about myself. You are ridiculous. :) If I wasn't heading to the mountains I would come over and take your kids tomorrow. I will be calling on Monday for an update.
Mark Buckwalter said…
oh man missy! i wll be praying for you! that's crazy!
Hope you have a great RESTful weekend.
Kendra said…
oh missy! that stinks! try to stay off of it, i know that is so hard to do with littles around! :) love the alabama song, brings back so many memories as a kid!
Holly said…
Last week, I caught my little toe on our elliptical machine - I fell onto the bed screaming at which time I saw Lydia backing out of the room. I had to pull it together and announce, "Mommy's fine...no big deal." :) It is still black and blue! Hope yours heals fast!!

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