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Saturday, March 5, 2011

happy 4th little girl.

so i just kind of sat down all day.
today, campbell meg, turned 4.
i am a little bit in disbelief over that mere little detail of life.
but, not much i can do about that.

celebrated tonight with family.
always fun chaos.
you will never know how hard i work to make things special for you.
not until you get to be a mommy.
that's just how it is.
will post more pics soon.

but as for campbell...
you are not like kaycee. character wise.
yes, you like ballet, and love to do crafts and color and play babies.
but your spirit. it is hugely different.
you are filled with pizazz. lots of it.
spunk. you betcha.
you say what you mean when you want to say it.
there is not any filter there.
you are not persuaded easily.
you are determined. shy. at times.
you always want "a prize". even for no reason.
you hate cleaning up toys and do not like to nap anymore.
 you are looking forward to going to pre-school next year,
and are learning to write that long name of yours.
you say funny things. a lot.
you love to cook with mommy and be a helper. when you want to be.
oh. and you love candy. even for breakfast.
and you love macaroni and cheese. not the homemade kind.
the cheap box kind you can buy for 50 cents. hmmm. ;)

you are a princess of the King.
you are treasured and priceless.
we love and cherish you.
thank you for being you, and helping mommy to learn soooo many things.
xoxo. mommy.

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Kendra said...

Happy Birthday Miss Campbell! You share a birthday with my mom!