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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

my fun friday.

so last friday my mother-in-law watched my kids
while i took a fun day.

did i have time to take a fun day.
no...i didn't.
did i make time to take a fun day...absolutely.
should i have taken a fun day?
that is debate-able depending on who you ask. :)

i used to be a list maker.
up until about a year ago.
i used to put all kinds of things on my list,
and check them off as i got them done.
it was such a great feeling, when everything got checked off.
it was such a defeated feeling when it didn't.
i am tired of feeling defeated.

i don't know if my list got longer or i just got lazier.
(i really do know the answer...)
it's just not worth discussing.  ;) house was not in order.
the laundry was not done.
i did not have dinner in the oven before i left.
painting. ummm. no again.
so you see, i have realized that if i don't make a run for it
when the running is good.
(like talking FREE babysitter)
then i don't get to run...
so i ran...and i ran hard.

here's what i have to show for it:

(these items were all from the 50 cents rack...
except for one, which was 50% off. )

(i did get a slammin' maternity dress which i love...
i actually didn't buy it friday night because i didn't have
enough money along...i know.i know. pathetic. so i actually went
back sat. morning, and got it...even, for cheaper).

(got so much fun stuff at the favorite place to shop by far.
that's a no-brainer for sure...26 items for $22.50...

(and this ~made~ my day...for sure).

i plan to paint it black, and probably hang it in our
remodeled "upper room". if you don't know what re-modeling we've
done haven't talked to me recently. ;)

it's the old "boova" hut from matt's growing up years.
and it has a much higher calling or purpose these days. ;)
pics to follow when done...


Kendra said...

so, what goodwill store do you go to? I would love to go sometime. just never seem to have the chance. and I am lucky, my kids get mostly hand-me-downs and I really don't have to buy much for them. love the shelf! great bargain!

Mark Buckwalter said...

Um yes I too have thrown out the "list"...and I like to think everything still gets done eventually...
and for the record you are NOT lazy.
love the shelf by the way...

Ang Stoltzfus said...

score girl!
gotta love all of those deals! were you at Freedom Life? how did i miss you? i love the shelf & can't wait to see it in it's new home! matt was telling us all about your latest project. so fun.