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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

campbell's 1st day of preschool.

sigh. i can't believe it again.
you people are going to get sick of me saying that.
time just keeps flying by.
today was campbell's 1st day of preschool.
she couldn't have been more excited.
for real.

she said her teacher kept calling her kaycee.
love it.

(please excuse kaden's empty bb container on the chair...great background. :( )

it was a bit challenging to get out the door on time this morning.
got the 2 oldest delivered to school, and i got home again,
just in time to nurse little peanut, and head to preschool and bible study.

i was ready for some coffee by the time i blew in. :)

and it's not like i even slept in.
i just gotta keep moving to get out the door on time.


and i was up until 11:30 pm last night folding laundry and
just cleaning up in general...putting toys where they *really* belong.
things like that.
and then i went to the basement this afternoon and found this.

this is what they were playing with *this morning* after breakfast,
but before heading off to school.

 (i love how they have little bunny tucked in first baby's arms.)

and this next picture, is the tornado of a desk i have to tackle

it's scary. i know.
you should see the kids rooms right now.


and now...i am off to bed.
our family walked with the beiler campbell trailer tonight
at the solanco parade.
lots of fun.
ran out of candy. like 70 lbs of candy. gone.
our kids did well.
and we are b.e.a.t.

sleep well. :)

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jodi said...

What a cutie! It was fun to see you in the parade...hope you made it inside before the storm hit!