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Saturday, September 3, 2011

campout. an annual tradition?

because kaden's birthdy fell the day after karolina was born,
we didn't celebrate in our usual fashion this year.

i usually host "family" birthday parties thru their 6 th birthdays.
then, when they turn 7 years old, they can chose to have a friend over
to do something special with, or continue to have a family party.

kaden loves family.
he loves his cousins most of all,
so for both his 7th and 8th birthdays, he has continued
to chose a "family" party.

this  year, since we re-vamped our pond, he was wondering if we could have a
campout for is party.

so. this was the winning weekend.
not all could come, but we sure did have fun with those that did...
which included: mam-maw and pap-paw buckwalter (did not spend the night),
cousins: judah, noah and zion buckwalter,
uncle chris and cousin jaiden burkholder,
great uncle stanley and great aunt sue king,
emiley and gemma rodak (did not spend the night)
and friends james and donna graybill stopped in for some cake. :)

take a look.
these were taken as the campers were walking up for breakfast,
hence it looking a little bit deserted.

karolina, calli and i held down the fort up at the house.

that way we had breakfast ready for them at 8 a.m. :)
we had hot dogs and smores over the campfire fri. night,
along with root beer floats, and cake and ice cream.
and even some whoopie pies and watermelon.

millie getting instruction in fetching in the water.
she loves to swim.
it's kinda fun to play with her in the water.


happy birthday around the camp fire.

matt's uncle stanley and aunt sue came.
they had a mattress they slept on in the back of their truck.
had to get them on video.
they are a riot. a good, fun riot. :)

and we ended the time together with some baseball...

the crew.

couldn't find kaycee...
she decided she wanted to take a nap on the truck bed. :)
guess i need to do some cleaning up now...
what do ya think?

until next Labor Day weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

well, this looks like a ton of fun!!! certainly am jealous of a pond, a great place to camp and a baseball field all in your own yard!! yeah, maybe you are spoiled ;):);)

Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...

sorry we missed the fun! your pond area looks awesome! hope kaden had tons of fun and I LOVE the picture of kaycee sleeping in the truck!
love ya, heather :)

Anonymous said...

We had a great time too! So glad we were able to come down to to pond before the end of summer. I love the video of my parents driving away - until we meet again - train whistles and all!!
Emiley and Gemma Sue