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Friday, September 9, 2011

daniel study.

this is the Bible Study that just started at my church...
i find that if i am not intentional in participating in a study like this,
i just don't get in the word, like hardly at all...on a daily basis.

we just had our first week,
and i am so excited...i am fired up ready to see how God is going to
use this material to impact my life and my family.
check it out.

(if you want to come,
it's not too late.
books are $15. we meet on wednesday mornings
at Maple Grove...and a huge part...
child care is provided.

this is what got me from this past week:

we have an abundance of overindulgent's time we get extremely intentional and deliberate in making our choices.
  • we are surrounded/living amidst a Babylon of our own...much more than some other cultures in the world.
  • we are overwhelmed in a sea of self absorption. how do we know what's over the top and too much?
  • we, too, will lose our identity and integrity without resolve. (resolve= to be puposed and determined in your heart)
  • how can we live in the midst of "babylon" and not become corrupted and defiled by it? are we being carried away by it?
  • few could resist Babylon's charms. few had a firm enough hold on reality not to fall for her pretense. our primary goal during part 1 of our series is to join daniel as individuals who can live in an extravagant, excessive culture without being poisoned by it. we're going to develop alarms for Babylon's charms...
and a challenge Beth Moore threw out to us to deny ourselves something over the time of this study. her words, " do not make this a diet...
women will have a tendency to make this a diet, but that is not what i am after." ha.ha. :) my words, this just might come in handy, at a good time for me. :)

she encouraged us to not eat of the worlds table. to exercise a little restraint.
"i can, but i am not going too."
deny your flesh, and rebel against the worlds overindulgence.

so. that is what i am going to do.
i am not a fast and pray girl.
i have gotton out of the fasting part, because,
well, mainly, i have been pregnant or nursing for most of the past 8 years. :)
but it is time.
i am resolving in big, big way.
i am giving up desserts to fulfill this challenge.
i am a dessert kind of girl.
this is ~extremely~ hard.
i have given them up for, um, this is only my 2nd day,
and i have been tempted numerous times already.
and well...i am taking a meal to a friend tonight,
and what am i making for dessert?
what i have been ~craving~ for the past 2 days...
chocolate chip cookie whoopie pies.

i am writing this down so you can keep me accountable.
help me people. :)


Angie Myer said...

I'm so excited for you! I am planning to do that study on my own (as soon as the weather gets cooler & I have more indoor time)! I have the study book & my MIL got the DVD's from her church library for me ... I think it sounds like a really good study. Dessert is a very tough thing to give up - I'm thinking about doing that too. Have a good day!

Sarah said...

I'll be joining you on Wednesday! YAY! Looking forward to the study and of course catching up with everyone! See you there:)

Darlene said...

Yay Missy! Since you posted this, I hope you'll share with the class b/c it will be a question asked.