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Monday, September 12, 2011


i am still listening to speakers reflect on 9/11.
i think back to where i was on that morning.

i was pushing a patient of mine back thru the hallways
of Ware Presbyterian Village.
a retirement home in Oxford, PA
 where i worked as a
Physical Therapist Assistant.

we walked thru the common area.
the t.v. was on.
and i saw a re-play of a plane flying into the world trade center.
i stopped.
and i listened.
in the middle of the hallway.

i heard the news anchor say that it was believed
 that this was a terroist attack.
i shuddered.
we left early that day.

9/11 picture: United Airlines Flight 175 crashing into the World Trade Center's south tower

you know.
i believe that God sifts all things thru his fingers. all things.
sometimes i wonder why God allows things like this to happen.
but i listen to the stories.
i look at the pictures.
and well. i was shaken to tears when i visited
ground zero ~over~ a year ago.
my eyes filled with tears, watching images on the tv last night.
trying to explain to kaden, this little piece of history.
i cannot imagine.
the sheer terror. the nightmare of it all.
but i do know that God worked in a mighty way in that city.
he worked in a mighty way around the world
all. thru. that. event.
that horrific tragic taking of life.

9/11 picture: the twin towers burning behind the Empire State Building

i think of all the people who died.
but then i think of all the people who lived.
all the people who were saved.
saved from those buildings.
and saved spiritually. thru that attack.
i wonder. just wonder.
how many people God drew to his heart that day?

so. i continue to value life.
the sheer blessing it is to live. here.
to watch my kids.
even when they are fighting. and not sharing.
and don't put their cereal bowls in the sink.
or clean their rooms.

i don't know how God chose me to be so blessed.
to be a wife.
and mom to 5 healthy kids.
to be a daughter.
and sister.
and the list goes on and on.

 i really do try to be thankful for each day that i have.
and not take my life for granted.
hope you have a reflective day, filled with peace.

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Ang Stoltzfus said...

yes. so sobering. such a reminder of HIS faithfullness even in tragic times.