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Friday, September 16, 2011

solanco parade.

we usually go to the solanco parade.
just for fun.
but this year we got to walk with the beiler campbell trailer.

the kids were very excited.
they did a great job.
kaden walked the whole time.
kaycee walked almost the whole time.
campbell walked most of the time, and then she bailed out with matt's mom.
and calli, well...she walked and rode, and walked and rode.
all the while tossing candy.
sorry if you didn't get any. we did run out towards the end. :(

i was a little disappointed we couldn't be "together".
matt and kaden were on one side, and the girls and i on the other.
(well...calli kept changing sides.)
but...he saw most of the people we knew...
and while i saw some, i am sure i missed a bunch,
i kept trying to make sure my babies weren't going to get run over. :)

this was waiting, and waiting, and waiting to get started.

and this was me and all our garb...
filling the time chatting. :)
wish i knew what she was telling me at the time...quite a face,
wouldn't ya say?

and. well. that's all i got for ya.
i am tired. and getting ready to host a Buckwalter dessert party
for my family that is "in" from out of town.

should be fun.
guess i should drink some caffeine. :)

happy weekending.

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