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Sunday, September 25, 2011

karolina's dedication.

So...for those of you who know me, you know that i was born
and raised in the Mennonite Church, as was my husband, Matt.
Matt and I continue to go to a local Mennonite church...
infact, the same church that Matt grew up at.

Today, was a special day,
in that we dedicated
Karolina Grace
 to the Lord.

I am going to explain what that means, right off the certificate,
because, says it perfectly, for those of you who are
unfamiliar with a dedication service.

and i quote:
"The birth of a child is an expression of God's work in creation.
In a service of consecration, we praise God and bring the child into a relationship with the body of Christ.

Infants presented to God and the church are placed in the care of the congregation. In this consecration service, Christian parents commit themselves to the call to nurture their children into faith.

Pilgram Marpeck, in his Confession of 1532 (wow), states,
"We admonish the parents to cleanse their conscience, as much
as lies in them, with respect to the child, to do whatever is needed to raise the child up to the praise and glory of God, and to commit the child to God."

Infants and children have no need for baptism, since they are safe
in the care of God. When they are able to be accountable
for their own actions, they are able to make the church's faith their own."

Thanks Venus for these pictures.
i love them.

i wish i knew what we were laughing at...

i can get a little teary at these things...
(especially being that this is the 5th time around...)
and it again becomes a reality that
i am totally and completely ~BLESSED~

one of the questions we had to answer was:

"Do you promise to gladly surrender Karolina Grace to the ministry
God has in mind for her, even if it might involve
going to the ends of the earth?"

i answered yes...

but it was a slow yes.
(do you see it says promise, and gladly surrender?)

i think about this nearly everyday in being a mommy.
how am i going to let these kids go?
to be their own person...whatever that may look like.

i am hoping not to be completely wrecked,
when they drive out our driveway for the 1st time...
or when they start dating, or graduate and leave for college
all the way across the country...

it's a small step, to send them off to preschool,
and then a little bigger when they start at our public school...
a lot of other people are affecting them now...
a lot of hours in the day...

i must remember they are not "MINE"...
i am preparing them to leave, and teaching myself to let go...
a little at a time.

our children all wanted to come up and be a part of the service...

and our pastor, Steve, praying over our precious girl...

karolina usually sleeps all morning long.
for real.
but this morning, she was wide awake.
she did great.

We had 3 names going into laboring with Karolina...
the week before i gave birth, they suggested that she wasn't growing,
and recommended i get an ultrasound.
i know. i know.
anyone who saw me, would KNOW that there was no way
i was going to have a teeny baby, but we went ahead with the ultrasound,
just to be sure...

it was during this time of nervousness that i started looking
up the meanings of the names we had...

karolina...means tiny... but strong.
and that...she is.

we love you sweet girl.
you are devine. and precious.
and i am so glad i was chosen to be your mommy...


Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...

thanks again for having us missy!
and i enjoyed reading your thoughts on letting go...some things I have been thinking about lately too! hope you have a great week!
love ya, heather ;)

Angie Myer said...

That's a beautiful post Mis! It's wonderful to know that our kids are in very, very good hands! :)

Shelby said...

Sweet post Mis:) Love this pictures and Karolina is such a precious baby. I was reading this actually today and thought I would post because it is so true.

"You are either in the Word and the Word is conforming you to the image of Jesus Christ, or you are in the world and the world is squeezing you into its mold."
Quoted from Living by the Book