old road motorcycle ride.

each year matt and i try to go on the old road motorcycle ride.
old road is the church i grew up going to as a child,
and each year someone organizes a ride that leaves after church,
and returns late afternoon or early evening.

wasn't sure if i could swing it this year,
with nursing karolina, who was 8 wks old yesterday...
but my parents graciously said they could watch ALL 5 kids...
which meant trying karolina with a bottle, if need be.
(we now know she is not crazy about a bottle...
but did fine.)

thanks mom and dad.
we had a great time.
it was a beautiful day for a motorcycle ride.

i have no idea where we were when we took this picture...
somewhere near elizabethtown i think?

try not to be alarmed.
i ~always~ wear a helmet...
but somewhere between me getting 5 kids up and ready for church
this morning...i forgot about a helmet... :(


Ang Stoltzfus said…
hmmm..did you love it??
(not wearing a helmet) i do...but i guess it's good that i dont have many chances to ride these days.
such a fabulous day to be on a bike!
My Mom said…
your brother would have a fit that you didn't wear a helmet....i on the other hand am impressed that you remembered all your kids and they are safely transported to there destination........a constant threat for me.....one left behind...somewhere:)
love you mama!

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