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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Buckwalter cookout...

so my brother mark, is a photographer, for jeremy hess photographers.
you can check out their site here.

he always has a camera in his hand.
i cannot imagine how many images their family has, but.
that is besides the point. :)

that means at our Father's Day Cookout.
the camera was out.

here are some of my most favorite images of the day!!

my apologies...
if you are unable to view these pictures. for some reason, i am able to see them,
but some of you are not??
of course i have no idea if you are unable to see them,
then please try this link right here. :)

you won't get "my captions", so you will have to guess who everyone is. :(((
and if you click on one picture, then it should bring up the big pictures,
and you can click right thru them...
so sorry for the inconvenience...


[ LOVE it...kaden high fiving uncle chris, and loving judah's smile]
[my dad, richard]

[niece, eden grace]
[my niece, destiny to die for. ;) ]

[love every single person's facial expression in this image]

[karolina grace]

[kaden, serving it up.]

[karolina being a ham...really?]

[ i this image of karolina grace]

[the 2 lovebirds. :)))
matt definately not cleared yet to play volleyball.
bummer for him.
he loves volleyball. course that's where he re-tore his acl...maybe some flashbacks??  :)]

[my nephew, silas, and kaycee...]

[kaycee agnes]

[ this of my niece, sarah, and kaycee, with my niece zion, in front.]

[ this of karolina.]

[like father, like daughter]

[my nephew, judah, and kaden, ready for some action]
[love this of sweet niece, piper, with campbell looking on...'oh my goodness' face. :))]
[my sister, megan, and her daugher, piper...for those of you who don't know meg, she tends to be a bit dramatic.
mark captured this perfectly. :)))]
[my nephew, silas]
[my nephew, judah, with from left to right, my nephew moses, campbell, and sarah, lookin on]
[my mom, debbie, with one of her 18 grandchildren, piper]

[my sister's husband, chris, with their daughter, piper]
[my brother matt, with nephew, silas, with matt's son, noah, and kaycee looking on.]
[kaycee is thinking, really. judah. really?]  :)
i love real life shots.
they capture a lot.
a fun filled day of family.
a generational blessing for sure.
thanks mark...


Shelby said...

I am bummed I can't see the pictures for some reason. Maybe it is my computer:(

Angie Myer said...

I couldn't see the pictures on your blog, but when I clicked on the other link I saw them -- they're wonderful photos! :) You have such a fun family!