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Saturday, June 22, 2013

living by virtue.

maple grove mennonite church is the church we call home.
it's the church matt grew up at.
and now our kids are growing up there.

maple grove is trudging thru some heavy waters right now.
heavy waters in determining how we deal with the sin of homosexuality.
it's heavy. it's hard.

here is something that someone sent to matt...and he sent it to me.
we thought it was really very good.
if you take the 14 minutes to stop and to listen.
then take another, and...
tell me what you think of what he has to say :))

and if nothing else. to provoke some thought into your day. :)


mom mom Susan said...

That was very enlightening! THANKS for sharing. We all need to KNOW the Bible to understand what God thinks - not other or ourselves.

Colby said...

Very good. I couldn't agree more, with his statement, "where do stop." The church has slowly let society water down its "value system." Look at this country over the last fifty years and see the decline in moral values. If it continues our culture will be destroyed as he mentions. I am sure you and Matt will lead your church to a good decision.