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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


so my neice, sarah, started her own blog.
she is 7.
you can find it here.

so. naturally. my kids all wanted a blog.
a blog to call their own.

kaycee LOVES to read and write.
and well. her writing is very, very neat.
she actually has been keeping a written journal for a couple years.
i love to sneek a read.
it's precious.

so, kaycee won.
the chance to try a blog this summer.
if it turns into too much work for her, or me, :)))
than it will be nixed.


campbell. well. she is just learning to write.
calli. she doesn't even know her whole alphabet yet.
and well. kaden. his writing is a total disaster.
so. he is not allowed to have a blog, until his writing is legible.
and. i am pretty sure that will not be anytime soon. :)
so i am going to try out wordpress with her.
i hear so many good things about their "blogs" if you will,
thought i would give it a try.
see how i can maneuver there. :)

so. here is kaycee's blog.
check it out at your leisure.


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