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Monday, June 24, 2013

kaden's *new* room.

kaden's *new* for
it used to be the pictured down below...

karolina is now in a big girl bed, sharing a room with big sister, kaycee.

[it looks a little bright...i love it in real life...but the picture does make it look a little bit different...the sign above
his bed, i free handed years ago, when he was an infant...idea out of a magazine...
it says KADEN...i am a child of God...and i painted one for each of my children...]

i do hope to order a couple of fun canvases of him...but haven't gotton around to that just yet. :))

[this was one of kaden's art projects this year. i fell in love with it.]

[this is the new armoir i referred to here. isn't it gorgeous?  i it!! and it's perfect for this little room,
because it doesn't have a closet. i think maybe 4 or 5 guys fought it into the house...finegeled up the steps...
a mess. but it's here. i love it.]]

[there used to be a wall to the right of this window, that came out to where this little white wall is now. it
created a small cubby area, maybe meant to be a closet?? but with no dowels, or hooks, or shelving, so
ir really didn't serve any matt tore that out, and constructed this cute little white half wall. behind this half wall is a set of steps that goes into our kitchen. also where this little white wall is, there used to be an outdoor, black metal you see going up patio steps at an older brick house. :) thrilled it's gone. :)))  painting this window was a challenge...i stood on the window sill...scared to death i was going to fall to the kitchen, down those steps. :((( i hate heights. :)  ]

matt also put in a ceiling fan. this is the only upstairs room, (there are 4 bedrooms, and a bath) that has an overhead light on the that was an easy add...and makes a huge difference.

i totally cleaned house as i was re-doing this room.
 pure. simple. bare. that's it...
so, i just finished cleaning out the girls rooms too.
since they cannot seem to manage what we have.
well. then. i decided it is too much.
 that is the name of the game.
both of my sister-in-laws have become really good at this.
but that is because they have moved *often*.
they are pro's at cleaning out.
less to move. :)

i am going to paint karolina and kaycee's room now, and then i am done.
for now.
until the next project comes along. :)

i hope to finish mulching this week.
and then I leave for a small beach getaway with some other mommies i know.
for 2 days and 1 night.

so. the painting of the next room will wait until next week. :)


[this is a before picture i found of the nursery...aka. kaden's new room...
all the walls were dark brown paneling, except for the one wall on
the right...
which was papered. it actually came off really easily.
love. when that happens.

[this happens to be the same corner that is now featured on the first picture of this post...]

[ canvas: painted by: aimee weaver found here. ]
[ newborn photography: bjf photography found here. ]


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love that color! It's pretty much the same color that we painted our front door!:) Looks great!

Shelby said...

Oh my W.O.R.D I love how it turned out girl. Seriously, I love your color, bed, wow:) You deserve your 2 days 1 night away:))))

Ang Stoltzfus said...

Great job missy!!!
i'm sure kaden is thrilled with his new space & own room!!
i love the armoir. when their are no closets...big-pieces of cool furniture are a DREAM!! & a ceiling fan!! love those too. :)
have a blast at the beach!

& how much more mulching do you have to do?? i feel for you girl. having that on your "to-do" list can be overwhelming...perhaps i should revert my statment & come & help you finish!