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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the voice.

there are not any reality t.v. shows that have caught my interest...
except for one.

and that is the voice.
i thought this season was exceptional.
and i would like you to know that "my girl' who i picked from the beginning.

and she's 16 years old.
and shines like the sun.

i loved this performance.
check it out.
so fun.

wasn't she good?
at 16 years old.
with no voice lessons.
sheer. God-given, God-breathed talent.



not many pictures to share yet.

i am re-doing kaden's room.
well. moving him to the *nursery*,
karolina and kaycee to kaden's old room,
and calli to kaycee's old room to share with campbell.
did you follow all of that?

it all started because friends of ours special ordered a fabulous huge armoir for their child's bedroom.
and eeeekkkkkk.
couldn't fit it up their steps.

so. i am the lucky one who is getting it.
which is why the room re-due was spurred on.
at very bad timing...
i could not put a gorgeous piece of furniture in the dark brown paneled nursery.
that was for sure.

i had wanted to re-due the nursery for years, and matt kept telling me no.
well. now was the time.
i just went for it.
and low and behold.
he caught the vision. and even participated. :)

you should see my house. it is crazy.
and in the mix it is VBS week at church.
and i have extra kids here most of all this week.

a totally great start to summer.
but c.r.a.z.y.

did i mention i am still not done mulching?

in case you wanted to know. :)


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Ang Stoltzfus said...

cant wait to see the room re-do!!