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Monday, June 17, 2013


i have found the one whom my soul loves.
song of soloman 3:4.

that is the canvas i painted.
pinterest inspired, of course ;))
and have hanging above my bed.

i love it.
i love my man.
and can't wait to hang a picture of us.
that i love.
beside it.

now...just to get a  picture.
 i love. ;)

happy anniversary!!!!
happy anniversary of 13 years.

i cannot believe 13 years have flown by.
year 9 was hard. by far the hardest.
i don't know why...but. yes.
we fought. we won.
and we continue to fight. battle.
 for us.
for our family.
 for our marriage.

i am blessed to have a man who stands beside me.
and works.
physically, manually works.
he works hard.
 and i know that is how he shows love to me.
and our family.
in other ways too.
 but his work ethic is crazy.

i know that is part of what i was drawn too.
and now it does drive me crazy.
can't you rest just a minute?? i plead. :))

it is true. i love him today more than any other.
part of my wedding vows i wrote to him said...
"i love you for a million reasons"
and that is so true. more true today, then back then...
but i won't list them all here. :)
i don't know how people say goodbye after any amount of marriage.
but i wonder, at all the people who are married 50 plus years, and death parts them. heart.

i look forward to many, many  more happy years
being the wife, and all that it entails, to mr. matt king.

love you. babe.

i wish today could be a little happier...
our chickens are sick.
very sick.
dying like crazy.
that makes for a very. very. stressful anniversary.

i guess we will celebrate another day.


Shelby said...

Sweet, sweet verse Mis, I LOVE that picture of the both of you:) Happy Anniversary, I hope maybe you can enjoy a dinner alone at some point. Poor chickens, sorry they aren't doing well.

Ang Stoltzfus said...

happy anniversary!!!
i am sorry that the chickens are sick! :(((((
hoping that they get better so soon!

Anonymous said...

I love to hear about successful marriages and it brings great joy that you and Matt have stood by each other. Marriage takes lots of work from both husband and wife. Keeping God in the center will ensure a strong marriage - blessings to both of you. Love- Emiley