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Friday, October 22, 2010

the bait of satan.

so...we are in a "community" small group. by that i mean, that we are not all the same age or stage, nor do we all attend the same church. it's kinda neat. we meet once a week. our kids play in the basement. we just started a series called the bait of satan. it really intrigued me last night. this pastor told me that complaining is rebellion against God.

hmmmm. really?

i don't know that i agree. or maybe i just don't want to agree. i am not sure yet.

but...thought i should at least set a few things straight.

those of you that really know me, know that i have a heart for young moms. that i strive to encourage you, and help you, and be real with you. not that i have it right, but it's just my heart. that's all. so for this man to speak, thru the tv, to me, and tell me that when i complain, it's rebellion against God...i kind of got stuck there...

i think i might do a lot of complaining on my blog. sorry about that. i hope i am not leading anyone astray. i am at this point believing in faith that God knows my heart.  and when i complain about having to get up 3x in the pitch dark of night, to console a scared child, or clean up throw up for the tenth time that day, it's surely not because i am rebelling against's not even that i am mad at God...i might think it sucks for the moment...wouldn't you? but that's a whole nother issue.

i am hoping to be real with you...and let you know that i don't have it right either. and ya know...i strive not to yell at my kids...but you know happens...maybe even daily. then what?

i don't think there is enough people in the christian church today willing to put their thoughts and feelings on the line. we are hiding. we are scared of what people will think of us, or what will they say to me? i am kinda tired of can we help people if we don't know who to help? why do we try to show the world "we" have it altogether, when statistically speaking, we are doing no better then "they"?

so...that post went somewhere i wasn't anticipating. regardless...i am still thinking about his statement. maybe i will have to apologize again next week for what i learn then...  ;)

have a great weekend. mk.


Shelby said...

Hum, I am confused to with that statement that complaining is rebellion against God. Sometimes I think woman need to maybe vent to other woman not in a gossip way, but to say gosh I yelled at my kids, they are tearing up the house, I am tired, etc. Sometimes I think it is better to vent to other woman about this rather than say your husband. At least for me. I think if we are really real then we would be honest, like you are saying about being real. Alot of people just want to see all the peaches and cream, but then how can we help others that are say struggling with the daily grind of laundry and just being a mom:) Thanks for being real. I will have to think more on that statement.


Mark Buckwalter said...

hey i do appreciate your realness on your blog. you do have a gift of putting your thoughts into words. i am with you on the journey...