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Saturday, October 30, 2010

come one. come all.

and buy our puppies.
they are 7 weeks old today,
which means we need to have fun, loving homes for  them in
one week. eeekkk.

we have: cleo (short for cleopatra)
nella (short for vanilla wafer)
sammy (short for samantha~of course)
sweet pea
and sparra.

i know the names are totally original.
i just couldn't tell my 3 and 5 year olds,
no...we can't name a puppy that...
besides...surely they will get new names
from the happy boys and girls who will take them home. :) calli doesn't really care for the puppies. she doesn't like
being tackled...but isn't it cute?~
this is kaden and enna.

this is kaycee with cleo...
~she has always been one of my favorites...she is the biggest of them all.
she is also pretty rare, because her
 nose has stayed pink, as well as her
eyes...she should be more expensive because of this...
but we're giving you a deal... :) you can tell the difference
if you compare her picture with her sister enna, above.
a "dudley" from my research.  ~

did i mention that our puppies LOVE kids...i them!

they love to be held and toted around...they tolerate it all. :)

and this is shadow...he's a boy. :) my sister says she doesn't even know me
anymore, by the way i take care of these puppies, holding them and all.
who would know i am not an animal lover...but hey...after taking care of
these cuties for 7 weeks thru bottle feedings, and mush feedings, hmmmm.

did i mention they are AKC registered
have their first shots and are wormed
and can leave in 7 days...just 7 days...

how about an early Christmas present?
with a big red bow wrapped around him?
awww. come on.


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Anonymous said...

They're too cute. Wish I could take one. Hope they go quickly!'