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Thursday, October 14, 2010

*cherry crest farm*

i got to go along on kaden's field trip yesterday to cherry crest farm.

this is kaden and i, and the other little man, john, i was in charge of too.

i had always anticipated being in charge of at least 4 kids when i go along to chaperone, and so far, i only get kaden, and one other child...both last year, and this year too. it's great. yay for small class sizes and lots of mommies and daddies to help out. :)

thanks moppy for watching the girls...i love being able to be very hands on at school...without my husband, and parents to watch the girls...i couldn't do are very much appreciated!

it was a beautiful day to be there! much fun. we were one of 6 schools there. lots of city kids around... who never saw corn before. how wild is that? just really hard for me to grasp that.
and kind of a gold mine, eigh? a 16 oz. soda was $2.75.

maybe matt and i can get rid of the chickens, and start a corn maize business,
and petting zoo, and jumpy things...we'd be a little closer to philly for all those busses. :) i guess we'll stick to chickens for now.

happy rainy thursday.

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Kendra said...

I get to go tues, we have never been b/c when you have 3 kids the cost adds up! looking forward to it! and john, was Parker's buddy last year, you had a good kid to watch!