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Saturday, October 9, 2010

a post full of random-ness.

okay. so i got a lot skinnier than i was, in the last year...but still have some work to do. this is a "quiz" i took this morning, and failed miserably. surprise. surprise. :) thought it was interesting enough to share. see how ya do.

Calorie Quiz at

on another morning note...this is what we got to watch at 8 o'clock this was kinda cool to be so close and watch it transpire...

before you get TOO excited...this isn't the baseball field in our front yard...but, our "side" yard to the right. :) still pretty exciting for the kids...

a farmer's work is never done...isn't that right? still hard at it combining at 9 o'clock last night. i get frustrated sometimes, when they CAN'T come in to take a break for dinner...but i really am thankful for the hard working provider of a husband the Lord has BLESSED me with. we have a great life. and for that, and a million other things, I am so thankful...even if the wrong words come out in expressing that to him sometimes...

looks like this is kind of going to be a crappy video...but maybe you can get the jist of what's going on here? maybe not. for the non-farmers of my audience:
the combine goes thru the bean field, "gathering" the beans, they then travel up and out a shoot, out the side of the combine into a wagon...which is driven by another tractor...when that wagon is full, the tractor and wagon travel to the 18 wheeler tractor trailer that is waiting for them to be loaded into it...and off to the grain bin they go...where they have already been sold...and it starts over again. quite the process.


and lastly...i think i forgot to blog about kaden and i's special time at dutch wonderland 2 weekends ago. he got a free ticket for doing a spectacular job reading this summer, for the summer library reading program...and we could only use it on this "special" weekend. so...we left church after sunday school, had lunch at friendly's, and spent the rest of the day there until it closed. he was in his glory...and it was fun. i had given him the opportunity to take kaycee along if he wanted too, but he didn't...just he and i. me and him. and we even ran into his cousins at the end of the day...very funny. his favorite part: the roller coasters. mine...the flume. it takes so much extra time to make these special one on one's happen, but it really was worth give him some extra lovin', especially as he's adjusting to first grade. he is loving it...but it is a lot. i was i looked at his spelling test yesterday. he got a 94% because he used a period at the end of the sentence instead of a question mark. really? already. come on.

didn't we learn about question marks in 2nd grade?
we will be off to kaden's soccer game shortly, and then it's quick to clean the house and get ready for calli's 2nd birthday we come cousins! let's party b.i.g...even though i heard most of our cousins are in north carolina for the weekend. oh well. party on all. cupcakes are beeping...

                                               happy saturday!

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