calli. turned. two.

can't believe it.
just. really. can't. we just brought the cupcakes into the living room...and i promptly dropped 2 on the floor. meg had the camera, and thought , "now THAT is a picture for the blog..." especially beside matt's chicken house boots. he was able to join us in from the barn for a few was a busy day combining beans and what not, but we squeezed it all in. looks like i didn't get very many good pics of calli on her birthday...but at two...she likes too:

be a big girl. drink out of a big girl cup and eat with a big plate, spoon and fork. sit on the potty and even wipe...even though it's rare that anything MAKES it in the potty. play babies. ride tricycle. sing and dance. talk on the phone. snuggle with her nuk and blankee. take baths. put on lotion. all over.
put new words together. carry around the puppies. help mommy cook...if i do it fast enough :) color. paint. play pollies. and she cleans up toys...
even better than her older brother and sisters.

we love you calli ann.
 i don't forget for a minute that your life was a miracle... (there was a knot in calli's cord...which makes it unusual that she didn't die in utero...and even got food when she was growing inside...another miracle...she was the largest of my babies at 9 lbs. 3 oz) and i thank God for your life each night that i tuck you in.
i love your spunk. i love it when you run.
i can't wait to see how God uses your life...
that scares me of course, but i trust in His plan for you.
i am blessed to be your mommy.


Nicole said…
I LOVE CALLI ANN! happy day....and what a day it was..:) Que un milagro de vida...todo el tiempo. 2 years old...hmmmmmm
Kendra said…
Happy Birthday Calli! When we first met, you were very pregnant w/calli and I so had "baby fever"! But that passed as 3 is my limit on what I can handle!
Jane said…
Happy birthday calli! Can not believe she is Two! Hope you had a wonderful celebration!
emmyswts said…
Happy Birthday Calli! I love your 2 candle headband. It is great to have a fall birthday (love the idea or writing Calli's name on pumpkins).

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