a project.

hey teacher friends...

can you tell me why we have projects in 1st grade?

i know we like to teach responsibility early, but isn't this about me, the mommy, keeping track of time, and making sure it's done in time?

cause kaden...he can't even really tell time yet, let alone that a project is due in 2 1/2 weeks.

hmmmm. just wonderin'. ;)


Sarah said…
Projects in 1st grade? Holy cow. How will Sophie ever get a project done..she's SOUND ASLEEP at 6:30pm!! Hopefully by next year she'll be used to this crazy schedule! And I think kids are in school ALL day let em' come home and relax and be a KID (and let their mommy snuggle them)!:)
stoltzfus3 said…
As a teacher, I never gave take-home projects because 99% of the time the parents do the projects! Good Luck with "your" project:)
Missy. said…
right on girls...i hear ya! here's to the snuggles. mis.
Kendra said…
what project? parker hasn't gotten one yet, not looking forward to that! we have a hard enough time w/the little homework he has and the few activities the kids do!
My Mom said…
ha! im having a fit with noah, he'a starting his second one for this year and he's only in 3rd grade. this is the killer........its to be done all at home, they will spend no class time on it. hummmmm, here i thought i was done homeschooling?:)

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