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Thursday, July 12, 2012

girls night.

monday night i hosted a girls night for our sunday school class.
i was really super excited because i had a * my favorite things * party.
this may not be exciting for some...
but one of my love languages is receiving gifts...
it could be a card, a lipstick, flowers, even a rock. seriously.
so, i think that's why i got excited about this party.
(i got the idea from joys hope:

it was down at our pond.
it started at 8 p.m. so everyone could get kids tucked in, if need be,
and then come in your jammies. :)

each person was to bring 5 favorite things. $6 or under.
and then we were going to pick names, to see who got to take what home.
as it turned out, there were only 5 of us here,
so we each got to take one of everything.
super. fun.

(from left to right: rhonda, glenda, me and laura. sadly missing kristen...she had to leave as her twin babies
were not cooperating well for their daddy.)   :(
it was fun to see what everyone brought.

kristen- homemade bread and yummy smelling candle.
rhonda- burts beeswax tinted lip balm.
glenda- assorted jewelry and burts beeswax lip balm
laura- new guinea impatiens
me- homemade pink bunting banners...for my love of pinterest. :)
(like these) research another fun party idea for next time. :)
we don't get together that often...but it's so fun when we do.

to sit and talk the night away.
and eat too of course. :)


Shelby said...

Girl, I am soooo sorry I missed out on this party:( Looks like you guys had a fun night. Love all of the gift ideas and being by the pond chatting sounds fabulous. Maybe next time. Shelby~

Anonymous said...

Such a fun idea!!! I want to do this now! I only I had some friends! :)