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Thursday, July 19, 2012

i am all out of words.

i say it all the time.
my life has been pretty easy.

this is hard.
my faith has been shaken.
i am being faced with h.a.r.d questions.

these songs are great. and intentional.
i am blaring them now.
i can't sleep. again.
so i rock out and pray. some more.

glenda is hanging on.
an induced coma will now continue for 5-7 more days.
pray for restored health. healing.
a complete. miracle.
for strength for bill and family as decisions regarding glenda's care will
soon need to be made.

ugh. the heartache.

i know we serve a BIG. HUGE. MIGHTY. God.
i KNOW it.
but it's still hard.


Anonymous said...

hey miss been thinking and praying for bill and glenda and you too a lot over the last day! love your praying heart. love ya, heather

Anonymous said...

Will be praying for a miracle for your friend, it is hard to see this kind of thing happen to someone we care about. Have faith and trust in the Lord as all things are possible through him. May he have it in his plans to heal Glenda completely.