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Saturday, July 28, 2012

milk and cookies.

~milk and cookies~

 we celebrated karolina's FIRST birthday and kaden's NINTH birthday
last night...with a family party. (kaden's choice)

as much chaos as it sometimes is...
i LOVE it that kaden ~always~ chooses a family party over one that would involve friends.
that is special.

that being said we were missing 2 of my siblings and their families
which brought for some disappointment, but a little more quiet. :)

 i transformed my kitchen island into a cookie shop of sorts...
(and had been baking the last 3 days or so)

i had lots of fun!!!
(lots of ohs and aghs. but this is my thing. it's what i like to do.
i don't ever put anything on here to look like a super mom, or like i have it all together.
i certainly do not.
i hate when i hear that people feel defeated and discouraged after checking out blogs...

i get encouraged and inspired when i look at other people's lives and interests...
it kind of spurs me on, to do  better next time, be better... hope is to inspire, not defeat...

this week has been pretty hard.
i have been much less than a super mom...infact i found i yelled at my kids A LOT on thursday.
i guess the heaviness and stress of the week finally hit.
so...while some moms pour themselves into their kids...being at every sporting event,
enrolling them into every activity under the sun, playing with them, crafting with them...that is their
thing...i love to pour myself into them in other ways...and this is one of them...
that's all. i am off my soap box).  :)

above: matt's dad reading karolina her new Bible Story book,
and matt's mom helping kaden read his card. :)

put some new *pinterest* recipes to the test.
(and some say that pinterest is a waste of time. oh my.)  :)
chocolate chip, white chocolate filled snickerdoodles, nutella stuffed peanut butter,
frosted sugar, gingersnaps with white chocolate chunks, puppy chow,
*birthday cake* oreos...

and milk...with chocolate and strawberry syrup to add...and stir.
i also had coffee and juice boxes...

 take 1.

 take 2.

 take 13?

take more than 13. :)

isn't this great of my neice, sarah??  :)

we ended the evening on the zip line at the pond.
matt worked all day putting it up.
i think it will be tons of fun, with a little more tweaking. :)

i didn't get a picture with karolina and her cookie with candle,
well...because i was the one holding the plate. :)
hope you had fun kaden and karolina.
we are blessed. and we love you.


Anonymous said...

Don't be silly you ARE a SUPER mama!!! That looks like an amazing party!! And those look like some delish cookies! I can't believe you made so many different kinds. I can only muster enough energy to do that at Christmas time. Love the pictures both Kaden and Karolina looked like they had a great time! And, zipline into the pond?! Awesome!!! :) Have a great weekend!

Ang Stoltzfus said...

pinterest is NOT a waste! :) i have learned so much & gotten most of my recipes from there in the past yr!
i was trying to "see" your new kitchen in these pics;) i like it!
LOOOOOVE the cookie idea! so so so cute! & great usually takes at least "20 tries" ;)


Shelby said...

Oh my word LOVE that party (i mean who wouldn't love a cookies and milk birthday party) Love Karolina's expression in the one picture "priceless".